Our Mission - Kelli's Cookies For Goodness Bakes

At Kelli's Cookies - For Goodness Bakes, our mission is to mentor, employ, and inspire foster and at-risk youth in the greater Placer and Sacramento regions, empowering them to achieve independence as well as financial and social prosperity.

Our staff, board members, and volunteers are committed to bringing awareness and assistance to this growing population of at risk young adults.



Over 25,000 children will age out of the foster care system each year without a permanent family to support them. 

Imagine trying to navigate into adulthood without loving and caring adults to help guide you throughout these crucial years. Unfortunately, this is the case for many foster youth. It is for this very reason that Kelli’s Cookies - For Goodness Bakes was established and is on a mission to help make this transition into adulthood more successful.
The statistics are shocking:

Roughly 50% of this population will drop out of high school. Up to 25% will become homeless after their 18th birthday. 1 in 4 will become incarcerated within just two years of leaving foster care. With Sacramento County being one of the top four cities for child sex trafficking in the US, far too many will find themselves in this horrific situation.
It is estimated that more than 10.5 million will spend time in foster care by the year 2020.
We hope you will support us in our journey to create a brighter future!